ISOs automounting in samba

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ISOs automounting in samba

Post by gilthanaz »

Often in the LAN, its needed to mount ISOs into a samba share on a linux server. It would be awesome to automatically do this :)

1. ISOs are created/downloaded/whatever
2. The ISOs are put automatically into a folder
3. A script/daemon scans this folder periodically(?) and:
* creates a mountpoint
* mounts the ISO into it
* adds necessary share information into smb.conf
* makes samba reload its config to make it available
4. Fun!

* Automatically remove mount-point/share if ISO is moved out of folder?
* Error correction, as in some ISOs need different flags
-> parse error and try different method before throwing a real error?
* Cleanup option
-> to remove all mountpoints and smb config blocks
-> maybe with tags in the config file ( <ISOs> </ISOs> as comments)

Maybe better, have ONE share so leave the smb config changes out - maybe called 'Mounted_ISOs' or something, and mount the ISOs in subdirectories there?
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