I'm new and only looking through the keyhole

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I'm new and only looking through the keyhole

Post by Cokai »

Hello everyone,

I'm new in here. I've a Linux project going on at my home. But i think, it is nothing knew so far, especially not for experience Linux users.
Since a few years i'm using and constantly learning linux at home. I feel the learning process as a fun for me.
So perhaps, in the future, i can post anything interesting or i can learn something new out of this nice little forum.
Well, I'm from germany, it could happen, if allowed, that I'm writing in german on that forum.

With kind regards,
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Re: I'm new and only looking through the keyhole

Post by ^rooker »

Hi and welcome!

Don't worry whether your experience is something new or not. We're usually handling it like this:
If it took us longer than 5 Minutes to figure it out, it's worth writing it down ;)
About writing in German:
Although, of course, it's perfectly fine to use any language you're comfortable with (and we understand), it still makes a great difference when writing entries in English, as it's more likely that more people can then gain access to the information.
As you like.
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