perfect society is a dream

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perfect society is a dream

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^Rooker believes in the following: Noone does anything without being sure it is for his personal advantage (yes you said that on several occasions ;P). even if it just happens subconsciencely. While i refuse to completely agree to that, i still think that every persons "natural" way of acting is centered around their own personal wishes. like, a baby, that isnt able to think about things yet, it just wants to have what it wants to have, no matter what that means for other individuals. So even if a grown person has learned to supress those wishes (according to the former theory, again, just to his personal advantage, because only that way he fits into the society surrounding him, but never mind that for now ^^) they are still there and we cannot rule out the fact that at some point in the blink of an eye, they will make a decission to act according to this natural wish, without even noticing at first.
So anyway, let's assume we have our perfect society, we sent 10 perfect busshists(or whatever) into a space colony where they can exist completely seperated. They have learned not to long for anything and to live in perfect harmony with everything surrounding them. However, theres still this probability that sooner or later one of them will act according to his natural wishes and as long as theres this probability, it IS going to happen, maybe not in 10 generations, maybe not even in 100, but sooner or later it WILL happen. So, lets furthermore say he finds out that it felt good, stealing for the first time for example and that he slowly starts to live that way. Also, its absolutely possible that one person can pass on this way of living to another and if its just to his own kid. and with these two things, the natural fact that it WILL happen, the probability that it WILL be passed on, sooner or later, lead to the complete destruction of our lil perfect society. think about it, what is the society gonna do with those people? the only safe way of dealing with them would bee shutting them out, like killing them or locking them in, but of course, in a perfect society something like that happens to noone, as long as its ethically correct. the evil can spread, and the good has no way to stop it (in fact, if they are the perfect busshists we talked about, they arent even suppsoed to care abotu wether someone stole something from them or not), or to put it simple, its hard to live as a good person in a world full of assholes.
so, as a result, its safe to say that o all you can do to stop the downfall of our beloved humanity, is to slow it down... a little :>
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more details

Post by ^rooker »

1) I'm sorry to admit that Carmofin and me slowly boiled a 'theoretically-perfect-world' model down to the conclusion above... *sigh*
(although I actually wanted to prove him that people CAN live together happily without the system collapsing and turning to evil again - I lost.)

2) My assumption, Carmo's referring to at the start of his text, is that the basic motivation of EVERY human action is done to comfort oneself's ego.

This means that there are no "unselfish" actions.

This even includes actions like e.g. charity, since people are doing it only because it makes them feel better.
Even helping an old lady to cross the street is selfish, because one gets a good feeling afterwards by thinking "I am such a nice person..." or similar.
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