Online video streaming: bandwidth saving idea

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Online video streaming: bandwidth saving idea

Post by ^rooker »

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend about online video streaming providers (similar not Netflix), and the upcoming necessity to avoid unnecessary bandwidth overuse by people who just "left the TV on".
Funny, that we never had to think about this with old TVs, and with streaming it's becoming a problem now... hihi...

Anyway, he told me that there's one provider who interrupts the video you're watching every now and then, asking if you're still awake/watching.
How disturbing. Then, on the other side, I completely understand that with regular broadcasters becoming less important, and online streaming becoming the new default, this issue must somehow be dealt with.

Here's my idea:
  • Gradually reduce the bitstream bandwidth.
  • When the user presses any button, it is always re-set to available maximum.
  • When the bandwidth drops below a reasonable minimum, ask if anyone's still watching.
  • If there's no reply (e.g. button press), the stream can disconnect / the device can shut itself off.

Again, I should get a Software-Patent on this one - if still available ;)
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Re: Online video streaming: bandwidth saving idea

Post by gilthanaz »

Netflix does this for years...
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