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I thought Disney ruined my life, but it was Star Trek...

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:35 pm
by ^rooker
Star Trek is based on things like:
  • high standards /helping others / believing in good
  • Free Software / Open Hardware
  • Interoperable systems
  • Repairable hardware
  • Adjustable software
  • No patents
  • Beyond any commercial mindset
  • "a few courageous people can make a difference" (Enterprise S02E19)
It's funny that it seems that this is what "mankind" wants to see themselves like - or what they'd like to be.
In an unknown future... Why not now?

I still think this is a social future worth striving for, but when I turn on TV, read the news or talk to others - it seems that the immediate "goal" of theirs is exactly the opposite. Funny that when I ask others "why" they do/buy/choose things they do then - they say: I know. I have to. It's for the kids.