Foldable piezo speakers

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Foldable piezo speakers

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I was thinking about wiring a speaker array using only piezo tweeters (I happen to have a whole bunch of them).

When I say "foldable", I really mean "foldable" on a piece of cloth - I plan to make a 3 way speaker, where each mono-side would look somewhat like this:

Code: Select all

 H M L
each "o" is a piezo speaker, and they would be attached to a piece of cloth, thus making it foldable at "|".
With super-simple frequency crossovers (eg: capacitor in series = high-pass, capacitor parallel = low pass).

This construction will probably have no bass at all, but it might be nice for sitting around in the park, sharing music with some friends... Maybe I'll build a prototype and see how it sounds.

Only thing I'm currently afraid of is the impedance - I don't want to design any pre-amplification circuit. pfffft.

Why would someone prefer such a speaker over a normal one? Because it's really foldable, and I presume that piezos are under-estimated regarding volume - thus I'm using more than just 1, in order to prevent clipping.
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