Spam adressing pathetic men. Very pathetic.

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Spam adressing pathetic men. Very pathetic.

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This text arrived in my mailbox today:
Good day!
I would like to find interesting and kind man, who wants to find true love and doesn’t afraid of it. I am searching for a man with whom we can speak about everything in the world, play jokes together and to be just two halves.

I would like him to be cheerful, with good sense of humor. I like men with some mystery inside. I am a small and cute girl with long hair and beautiful eyes, but with such an appearance I am very clever and goal-oriented girl. I have a lot of goals which I am going to reach as soon as possible. I am very kind and I know how to make a man be extremely happy. I avoid arguing and quarreling, I dream about peace and harmony inside my family. I will make You happy
I don't even want to imagine how many disgusting, pathetic human creatures called "men" will answer to this. Sends a shiver down my spine... :shock:

The funny part though may be that I'm pretty sure it was actually written by a man. Probably some Asian nerd-kid. The "from" address is "albertjordancrosshatch <>".
Albert Jordan? ALBERT is the cute small girl with long hair and beautiful eyes?

This raises 2 questions:
  • How stupid are the ones who send this?
  • How stupid do the makers of this message think their target "audience" is?
That makes the disgrace and poorness of those who reply to this mail even more visible.

Poor people.
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