localized Google

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localized Google

Postby ^rooker » Wed Jan 18, 2006 11:51 pm

For some time I had the strange feeling that something was wrong with my Google results...

No matter what I searched for I always received an unnatural amount of results in my language, although I had the "Search whole Web" radiobutton checked.

I didn't investigate this any further, until today - I searched for a perl library to access my joystick device /dev/js0 in a useful way. It somehow surprised me that I couldn't really find anything useful on the first 3 pages when entering "linux perl joystick".


Since I trusted Google so far, I told someone else that it seems that no commonly used library seems to exist for linux. He looked quite surprised and entered "linux perl joystick" in Google - now guess what!!? :evil:

The VERY FIRST entry was CPAN with "Linux::Input::Joystick".

He looked down on me and I was like "huh? errr... Sorry, it seems that I'm too stupid to use a search engine" - but I couldn't leave it that way, so I typed those words into Google on my computer at home to look for that result.

I could NOT find it. What the hell?? :shock: So my suspicion proved to be true: Google puts a higher weight based on which locale-version of Google you use. When querying "www.google.co.uk" I suddenly found what I was looking for (Note: google.co.uk seems to return different results than google.us)

This is crap.
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Temporary hack / fix

Postby ^rooker » Thu Jan 19, 2006 12:22 am

Since I'm using FireFox's searchbar, I created a workaround for this problem - I've changed the settings for the google search:

(NOT very beautiful, and the sense of local mirrors is lost, but I haven't figured out how to tell my local google to display me REAL results)

In firefox's install folder, I've changed "searchplugins/google.src" to the following:

Code: Select all

   name="Google U.S."
   description="Definitely english Google (U.S.)"

<input name="q" user>
<input name="sourceid" value="mozilla-search">
<inputnext name="start" factor="10">
<inputprev name="start" factor="10">
<input name="ie" value="utf-8">
<input name="oe" value="utf-8">

    charset = "UTF-8"

Now the Internet makes sense for me again.
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Localized Google problem: solved it!

Postby ^rooker » Fri Jan 20, 2006 9:05 pm

Seems that I found a cleaner way of solving this problem:

Searching for "joystick linux perl" again:
at www.google.fr:


now when I change "hl=fr" to "hl=en" things are the way I want them to be:


I'll post a modified FireFox searchbar configfile soon (for everyone out there being too lazy to figure out how to integrate this new information him-/herself)
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Postby poppycat » Sun Feb 04, 2007 12:27 am

Over a year late on this reply *shuffles awkwardly* but a thing I have noticed with localised google as well is that some of them actually FORCE the safesearch option on me. I have to switch to english language american google if I want to do a non babified picture search. That annoys the hell out of me. Is it that only americans are allowed to be deviants or something? I am not feeling the trusting love here:(
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Postby carmofin » Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:24 pm

just today i was trying to search for something wii-related and google kept replacing my searchword with "wiki", google annoys me more and more altely ;)

to their defense, at least they addded a link to their english version on the mainpage now.
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