Impressions on Windows Vista Business

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Impressions on Windows Vista Business

Postby gilthanaz » Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:05 pm

Well, okay, i tried to have a look at it without bitching at it. I really tried. Really. But it ends up in the bitching thread anyway. So, here we go:

The installation went smooth, no problems here. The only weird thing is that its released 2 days ago, and already had a dozen security patches to download right after installation. This per se does not piss me off yet - a windows user is, well, used to patch every second day.

First boot
Ah, okay, here it is. Oh my .. lots of colors... and useless special fx on the windows.. okay. A Sidebar, oh! Finally, 12 years after a sidebar was already implemented in MacOS, as well as AmigaOS. Too bad there is just useful crap coming with it (Why would i want a HUGE part of the screen showing me a clock, and a calender sheet). Good - lets configure this to look more like an OS than a playground for 3 year olds. Switch to classic start menu and classic windows style - better. Eh - why do i have to accept every little change i make at least twice? The user is a goddamn administrator!

Working with it
Right after boot, this OS eats up about 550MB of RAM. I wonder what for - i can not find any usefull things running, besides about two dozens of services that appear to be on by default, even tho majority of the people out there will never need them. Well, half the RAM of the box is gone. The CPU is used up to 20% (2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo) if you dont use the classic view - i would have guessed the gfx board cares for that, but appearently not. Yay! More CPU cycles wasted for graphical gimmicks that dont have ANY practical use.

NOW it starts to piss me off....
"Wuuuah! Wuuuuah! I want my pacifier!" - this is a user, according to Microsoft. Vista puts you in a baby bed. You know, those jail-like things that keep the baby from crawling around, and doing ANYTHING without parental control. Yes! Windows is your daddy now.

A typical installation of a little program that writes itself into the control panel looks like this: (Dramatization ;) )

User: "I want to execute this Installer."
Vista: "This installer is not signed. Do you know that, my son?"
User: "Yes. Iam aware of that. Execute it."
Vista: "But, son, there is lots of evil in this, our, world. Art thou really sure you want to execute this?"
User: "Just execute it..."
Vista: "Press OK if you are sure to..."
Vista: "Well, i warned you, stupid child...."

* Installer runs, drops his files and registry entries*

Vista: "HO! Evil terrorist program! Thou shalt not writeh into thine computers registry! Son! Do you know what this filthy program tried? It wanted to show up in the control panel!"
User: "I know. Its okay."
Vista: "You can not just have every stranger you picked up at a bus station live in the control panel, you know?"
User: "I know this program. Its cool. Accept that it wants to be in the control panel."
Vista: "You will burn in hell. Well, i warned you ..."

Then, i tried installing another program. Knowing the procedere, i clicked "Yes" "Yes" "OK" "I know", while my blood pressure was rising. Yay! It installed. But, too bad: The program wants to write some keys to the registry when started up the first time....

Vista: Thou shalt not writeh into thine computers..."
Program: But i need to! I want to just drop this key here in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and...
Vista: Silence! You can not access this registry part!
Program: But.. but.. my user executed me with Administrator rights...
Vista: Oh, poor program - do you really think the user can decide what is right and wrong? I'am the one in control here. Now go die in a corner.

Well, next task:
Find out how to get windows to allow a program to write keys into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Iam quite sure i can edit this in the registry somewhere. If iam allowed to.
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Postby poppycat » Sun Feb 04, 2007 12:09 am

A conversation I had about vista with my husband just yesterday went something like this.

Me - Hmm I just read an article on this forum about vista making gaming utterly impossible. We aren't 'upgrading' I hope.

Him - Are you KIDDING? WTF?

Me - That bad then?

Him - You know when you are playing Eve?

Me - Yes?

Him - You know when you are playing three copies of Eve and your virus scanner kicks in?

Me - Umm.. ok...

Him - That is what gaming is like on Vista!

Me - That bloated then?

Him - Yes

Me - So why the fuck would anyone use it?

Him - ...

Him - ...

Him - Directx 10

Me - Ah

Him - Yes

Silence for a few moments

Him - Though the rate of current technology means that the machines might be powerful enough to be able to run vista and games by 2009

Me - So their answer is to design the software and then wait for technology to catch up so that people can actually use it?

Him - Yup

Truth is stranger than fiction:P
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