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phpBB - new Forum

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HowTo create a new phpBB forum when running multiple forums with a single installation of phpBB (see: multiple phpBB-forums)

Note: For database manipulation, I'm using phpMyAdmin.

1) create new database

2) create new db-user:
give it NO global rights at all and
only localhost-access

3) grant new db-user full access to new forum-db.

4) Add entry for new DB to "phpBB/config.php"

5) Add apache-alias from new forum-url to phpBB.

6) move folders "install" and "contrib" back to their original places. Apply correct access rights: 755.

7) open the new forum's URL in browser with subdir: "install/install.php"

8) enter data.

9) remove "install" and "contrib" folders
10) voila.
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