Display FFV1's features/parameters in FFmpeg

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Display FFV1's features/parameters in FFmpeg

Postby peter_b » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:44 pm

You can use FFmpeg's built-in help function to list parameters, as well as supported pix_fmts of FFV1 with the following command:
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$ ffmpeg --help encoder=ffv1

Current FFmpeg output (as of 03. April 2017) looks like this:
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Encoder ffv1 [FFmpeg video codec #1]:
    General capabilities: delay threads
    Threading capabilities: slice
    Supported pixel formats: yuv420p yuva420p yuva422p yuv444p yuva444p yuv440p yuv422p yuv411p yuv410p bgr0 bgra yuv420p16le yuv422p16le yuv444p16le yuv444p9le yuv422p9le yuv420p9le yuv420p10le yuv422p10le yuv444p10le yuv420p12le yuv422p12le yuv444p12le yuva444p16le yuva422p16le yuva420p16le yuva444p10le yuva422p10le yuva420p10le yuva444p9le yuva422p9le yuva420p9le gray16le gray gbrp9le gbrp10le gbrp12le gbrp14le ya8 gray10le gray12le gbrp16le rgb48le
ffv1 encoder AVOptions:
  -slicecrc          <boolean>    E..V.... Protect slices with CRCs (default auto)
  -coder             <int>        E..V.... Coder type (from -2 to 2) (default rice)
     rice                         E..V.... Golomb rice
     range_def                    E..V.... Range with default table
     range_tab                    E..V.... Range with custom table
     ac                           E..V.... Range with custom table (the ac option exists for compatibility and is deprecated)
  -context           <int>        E..V.... Context model (from 0 to 1) (default 0)

More information about FFV1 parameters can be found at: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Encode/FFV1
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Additional pix_fmts

Postby ^rooker » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:03 am

These pix_fmts were added since originally posted:
(Already updated in the above text)

12bpc YCbCr:
  • yuv420p12le
  • yuv422p12le
  • yuv444p12le

Additional grayscale and alpha pix_fmts:
  • ya8
  • gray10le
  • gray12le

Very important for digital film 16 bit/bpc RGB:
  • gbrp16le
  • rgb48le
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