Thunderbird Lightning: Adding new calendar

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Thunderbird Lightning: Adding new calendar

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It might be obvious, but it took me more than 10 minutes to find out where that menu option is located, so I thought I'd write it down.

Applies to Thunderbird + Lightning Calendar Addon (v3.3.3)
File > New > Calendar
(I was looking for that option somewhere in the calendar view, but couldn't find it anywhere)

For accessing a shared online calendar (e.g. iCal (.ics) File WebDAV link from OwnCloud), choose
"On the Network"

Then, select "CalDAV" and paste the URL to your .ics file CalDAV link.
The link might look something like this:
If everything went fine, that calendar should now show up in the left pane under "calendars".
(btw: I just found out, that right-clicking on one item in that calendar list also gives you the option to add/create a new calendar)

That should be it :D
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