VMWare: connect vSphere client to ESX over SSH tunnels

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VMWare: connect vSphere client to ESX over SSH tunnels

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This describes how you can connect to an ESX VMWare host remotely, using SSH-tunnels:

1) Required ports:

Add these ports as local forwards (in e.g. PuTTY):
  • 443 (https)
  • 902
  • 903
If the SSH-tunnels are configured and work properly, you should now be able to open the ESX web-interface in your browser, under the following URL:

Code: Select all

If you don't have a vSphere Client already installed, you should see download links for it (or other clients, such as Linux commandline, etc) on that web page.

2) Add a local hostname entry:

If the web-interface of the ESX host loads correctly, you do have established the connection.
It is however necessary to add a local hostname to use - because for name-resolution reasons, "localhost" can not be used for this.

Edit WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add an entry for "".
The name you assign doesn't matter.

For example:

Code: Select all    target-esx

3) Connect using vSphere client:

Now, enter the hostname you've put into the drivers\etc\hosts file as hostname to connect to.
Of course, also proper credentials ;)

That's it! :D

Thanks go to the great and simple HowTo "VMWare vSphere Remote Access via SSH Tunnel" (by Anthony Eden).
I just always like to have a copy of the information here, in case the source should disappear for some reason.
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