Indent XML/HTML in Vim

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Indent XML/HTML in Vim

Postby peter_b » Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:43 am

I've been using vim to beautifully indent XML or HTML files on a daily basis.
Nevertheless, I've stumbled over a new combination of vim-foo by Rajashekar Chintalapati today:

  1. First join all the lines - ggVGgJ
  2. Now break tags to new lines - :%s/>\s*</>\r</g
  3. Now set filetype - :set ft=html (you can do this before too)
  4. Now Indent - ggVG=

Beautiful... :D

The magic spell formula again, in ONE row (just to try being cool):
Code: Select all
ggVGgJ :%s/>\s*</>\r</g :set ft=html ggVG=

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