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Subversion & vimdiff

Postby ^rooker » Wed May 03, 2017 9:51 pm

I like to use vimdiff when working on code in commandline environments.
Here's a short mini-howto for setting "vimdiff" as default "svn diff" replacement.

These steps should work on most/all Debian-based GNU/Linux distros (e.g. Ubuntu).

1) Write a small wrapper script:
Code: Select all
$DIFF ${6} ${7}

Save this as "/usr/bin/svndiff".

2) Edit your subversion config:
In "~/.subversion/config"
Override the default diff command by adding this line in the "[helpers]" section:
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diff-cmd = svndiff

That's it!
Now, "svn diff" calls vimdiff :)
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