Linux: (pre)setting the display brightness

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Linux: (pre)setting the display brightness

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UNFINISHED. Work in progress...

Every time the computer reboots, the brightness settings are reset. I wanted to have different default brightness when I turn on the computer, because I was a bit tired of the same few keypresses every time I boot it up.

Depending on your system, the path where to find the brightness value (from the shell) is:
(That's it on a Lenovo Thinkpad S21e)

If your path is different (different vendor), try to "tab-find" the right subfolder in /sys/class/backlight.

Here's a list of brightness-steps when using Xubuntu 14.04's default settings (step size = 781):

Code: Select all

7812 brightest
3907 medium
2 off / darkest

Due to the "unix philosophy" that everything's a file, you can use it to set the brightness by writing the desired value to it.
[code]echo 4700 > $SYS_BRIGHT
If you want to set the default when you boot your system, write the above line into your /etc/rc.local.

Remember screen brightness settings in Ubuntu and Linux Mint
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