Workaround: ddrescue & "input file disappeared"

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Workaround: ddrescue & "input file disappeared"

Postby peter_b » Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:24 am

Thanks to Ketil Froyn's feature suggestion for ddrescue, here's a workaround for ddrescue exiting when problematic source device "disappears" :(

If ddrescue exits with the following error message, although the input device can be read again a few seconds later...
ddrescue: input file disappeared: No such file or directory

...use this command to "rudely" restart ddrescue forever, when it exits:
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$ while true; do ddrescue /dev/sdb sdb.dd sdb.log; sleep 10; done

You have to kill the loop manually, once ddrescue has finished:
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Ctrl + C
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