FFmpeg: Diff 2 videos in realtime

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FFmpeg: Diff 2 videos in realtime

Postby peter_b » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:49 am

FFmpeg's video player "ffplay" can be used to quickly render the visual difference between 2 videos:
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ffplay -f lavfi \
"movie=original.mkv[org]; \
 movie=encoded.mkv[enc]; \

If you want/need to render this difference to a file, in lossless encoding for full "pixel-forensic" possibilities 8) :
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ffmpeg -i original.mkv -i encoded.mkv \
-filter_complex "blend=all_mode=difference" \
-c:v ffv1 -slices 24 -c:a copy output.mkv

Thanks to LordNeckbeard's answer on Stackoverflow
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