HowTo: Create exFAT partition on GNU/Linux

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HowTo: Create exFAT partition on GNU/Linux

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Quick overview:
  1. This guide assumes you already have the required packages installed.
  2. Create a partition of type "7" (in fdisk): HPFS/NTFS/exFAT
  3. Format it using "mkfs.exfat"
1) Create the partition:
Create a partition and set it to type "7" in fdisk.

2) Format the partition:
Let's assume your partition is "/dev/sdc1":

Code: Select all

$ sudo mkfs.exfat -n "LABEL" /dev/sdc1
It'll output something like this:
mkexfatfs 1.2.3
Creating... done.
Flushing... done.
File system created successfully.
That's it! Your new exFAT partition ready to use. :)
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