HowTo: Notes on ZFS configuration backup

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HowTo: Notes on ZFS configuration backup

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Shellscript sketchpad for documenting the configuration of a ZFS storage constellation:

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TIMESTAMP="$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M )"

function run_cmd

    echo "$CMD"
    eval "$CMD" | tee -a $INFOFILE

function log_line
    echo ""
    echo ""
    echo "==========================================="
    echo "$MSG"
    echo ""

log_line "ZFS Configuration - [$TIMESTAMP]"

run_cmd 'zpool list'
run_cmd 'zpool status tank4'
run_cmd 'zfs list tank4'
run_cmd 'zfs get all tank4'
Creates a textfile with all information considered relevant, or at least easily gatherable running ZFS on GNU/Linux.
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