HP ProBook 430G6: Install BIOS on Linux

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HP ProBook 430G6: Install BIOS on Linux

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Unfortunately, the .BIN image extracted with 7zip is not the same that is created when extracting the files "the official way", using Windows. :evil:
See: https://github.com/eriksjolund/install- ... 5/issues/2

Therefore, when trying to update the BIOS, the correct version number is shown to select, but then you get the following error message:
Invalid BIOS image

So the following is (currently) useless:

HP only provides BIOS updates in form of Windows executables, called "sp99776.exe", for example.

In order to flash the BIOS without Windows, these files can be extracted using "7-zip":

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$ 7z x sp99776.exe
It'll extract a bunch of files - but the BIOS itself is the file ending with ".bin"

For example:
Copy this file either onto a USB stick, or into the EFI partition, under the following folder:
Reboot the Notebook, select the System configuration (Press "ESC" at boot).
Then select to update the BIOS.

*fingers crossed*
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