HowTo: Firefox and HiDPI (XFCE / Xubuntu)

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HowTo: Firefox and HiDPI (XFCE / Xubuntu)

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I'm using a 2k BenQ display on XFCE4 (Xubuntu 20.04), and it works, but it's still a bit of a bumpy ride.

I know there's been some updates regarding HiDPI since 22.04, due to the more recent xfce4 packages, but it still feels too scattered too remember - *where* to find and change which value to get a consistent look-and-feel back, that I kind of took for granted for my last 20 years or so ;)

1. Application's tabs, menus and icons:

Thanks to An article on about enabling hidpi scaling on Firefox, I've adjusted this value to adjust the font size of firefox's tabs, menus and icons.

Open "about:config" - decide if you're feeling adult enough to consent the warning - then continue and search the following option:

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It defaults to "1". I've changed mine to "1.8" to make my tab-titles readable again.

2. Website content = Zoom.
I've set the default Zoom value to "67%".

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Firefox > Preferences > Default Zoom
Looks good now.
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