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Assign application to new custom URI to XFCE4

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2023 9:49 pm
by peter_b
I wanted to introduce a new URI prefix to open links like "shotcut://" directly with the video editing software "Shotcut".
On XFCE4 (Xubuntu 20.04) - and Firefox (v105.0).

I've installed Shotcut using the AppImage.

1) Create symlink with a "nicer" filename for the appimage .desktop file.
cd ~/.local/share/applications
ln -s *shotcut.desktop" shotcut.desktop

2) Add x-scheme-handler to xfce's mimeapps.list:
Option A: using "xdg-mime"

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$ xdg-mime default shotcut.desktop x-scheme-handler/shotcut`
This will add your handler entry under "[Default Applications]".

Option B: Edit the "mimeapps.list" file:

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$ vim ~/.config/mimeapps.list
(Make a backup copy first)

I've added the entry right on top of the "Added Associations" list (you'll find that string).
[Added Associations]
Since the symlink is called "shotcut.desktop", it runs the appimage desktop file.