Virtualbox: failed to load unit 'cpum'

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Virtualbox: failed to load unit 'cpum'

Postby ^rooker » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:24 pm

I've had a virtual machine suspended on VirtualBox v4.2.16. Carelessly, I upgraded to v4.3.20, without powering down all VM clients...
So, when I tried to resume a VM after the update of VirtualBox, I got the following error message:
Failed to load unit 'cpum'

I was afraid that I had lost that VM-client :shock: - and I still couldn't figure out how to resume the machine.
Actually, I haven't found a solution, but a reasonable workaround:
I've told VirtualBox to discard the saved machine state, and then restarted it.

*phew* :oops:
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