OpenProject can't login admin because email invalid

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OpenProject can't login admin because email invalid

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NOTE: Whatever you do, we're not responsible if you break things by using fixes we found.

After everything was set up, i wanted to log on with the admin/admin creds. You are forced to change the password, so i entered the data and wanted to continue. I got the error that an email must be set to continue. However, there is no e-mail field to configure, so i can't change the password, so i can't log in to enter an email addy...

There was a step in the installer that asked for the admins email address. I left that blank, which lead to an empty entry in the user database field for email for that user, causing the admin account to be broken.


You can modify the field in the database directly. For this, you need the mysql root password. You can find it in /etc/openproject/installer.dat - using this login, you should be able to open a sql connection, modify the problematic field, and finally log in + change the pwd to recover admin rights.

As root, execute:

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    mysql openproject -p<password from installer.dat file>
In mysql, execute:

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    mysql> UPDATE users SET mail='your@address.example' WHERE id = '1';
    mysql> commit;
The other option is to run:

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openproject reconfigure
And re-do the configuration that prompts for the admin mail address.

You should then be able to log on with admin/admin and do the initial password reset to be able to access the system!
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