Oxwall SmartCaptcha Internal Server Error 500 table missing

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Oxwall SmartCaptcha Internal Server Error 500 table missing

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After downloading and installing the SmartCaptcha plugin for Oxwall and activating it, it throws an Internal Server Error when trying to configure it from the "Manage Plugins" Admin page. The more detailed error is about a table missing.

The install.php script for the plugin has a bug in line 88 like described here: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/32124. It appears the code has slightly changed in the newer version but the issue persists and is still in the same line.

To fix this, first "Uninstall" the plugin SmartCaptcha so it only shows in "Available Plugins" (do NOT only deactivate). After that, find the path to the plugins install.php file (should be /your_ow_installation/ow_plugins/smartcaptcha/install.php). There modify line 88, the new fix line is:

Code: Select all

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `' . OW_DB_PREFIX . 'smartcaptcha_fonts` (
After that, go back to the administration page and install the plugin again. If you now try to configure it, everything should work normal.
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