Weird: wireless keyboard stutters when copying files

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Weird: wireless keyboard stutters when copying files

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I'm using the same keyboard (Logitech Y-RC14) for 17 years now.
Really good hardware!
Not a big fan of Logitech not providing Linux drivers for their newer hardware, but my keyboard's heavily been used - and never failed on me in all that time. Kudos.

Nevertheless, I'm noticing a very strange thing lately:
Whenever I copy files to/from my Raspberry Pi (running Raspbian) over the network, my keyboard starts to "stutter".
Just like it does when the batteries run low, but I've replaced them twice in a week now. (btw: I've only had to replace empty batteries on that keyboard like 5 times in almost 20 years!)

The problem persists only when I copy files. It works fine the rest of the time.

The keyboard-receiver is still a PS/2, but I'm now using it over a PS/2-to-USB converter. It seems like the copy process gets a higher I/O interrupt priority than my keyboard.
Since the system may only think of it as "yet another USB device", that might be something to look into... 8)

To be continued...
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