HP LaserJet 1102w, Rasbpian Jessie: Jobs disappear

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HP LaserJet 1102w, Rasbpian Jessie: Jobs disappear

Postby ^rooker » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:59 am

I've installed a fresh Raspbian Jessie and tried to install my printer as I did with Wheezy.

I can print locally (on Raspbian CUPS), and the printer shows up as network printer on Xubuntu 12.04.
Everything seems fine.
Yet, when I print from Xubuntu (client), a print job shows up on the Raspberry CUPS (server) for a few seconds saying "Sending data to printer" - and then disappears. It actually moved from pending job to completed. Hm.

The CUPS error logs (/var/log/cups/error_log) say this:

Server (Raspbian):
W [04/Nov/2016:22:35:14 +0100] Unexpected 'document-format' operation attribute in a Create-Job request.

Client (Xubuntu):
E [04/Nov/2016:22:33:35 +0100] [cups-deviced] PID 14885 (dnssd) crashed on signal 6!

Got the printer working, but got no solution to this problem.

I've tried installing the hplip package - and the proprietary plugin (hp-setup -i). Worked even less, although HP states that the printer model 1102w is fully supported on Debian 8. Got a "Filter error". Uninstalled hplip, and reverted back to foo2zjs CUPS driver.
That was actually the same setup I had before that threw the above errors.

For some yet unknown reason it now works.
Maybe it simply was that I also restarted the printer in the process...

I don't like printers. They never work when you need them. And it's always a pain in the a** when driver operating system changes... :evil:
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