gettext: Messages not translated. No error message.

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gettext: Messages not translated. No error message.

Postby ^rooker » Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:09 pm

Using gettext/poedit to make a PHP project translatable.
I have a working test-code from PHP and Javascript Internationalization using Gettext and Poedit ( When I move that working code to another machine, I suddenly don't get strings displayed translated, but also no error messages.

The target locale was not installed on system.
Even if you provide the translation files, PHP will not switch to a locale which is not installed/configured on the system that your application is running.

In my case, PHP's setlocale() returned 'false' - indicating that I my target locale was missing.
Check if the locale is currently present and active:
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$ locale -a

If not, either uncomment them in "/etc/locale.gen" and then (re-)generate them:
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$ sudo locale-gen

Or rather do it the "Official Debian Way":
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$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

There, make sure that all the languages/locales you're going to use are checked/selected. After pressing "Ok", they will automatically be (re-)generated.

This should do the trick :D
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