Linux & CT2-4400: unknown chip version Si2143-\xffffffeaD

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Linux & CT2-4400: unknown chip version Si2143-\xffffffeaD

Postby peter_b » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:36 pm

USB DVB-T receiver stick (TT-TVStick CT2-4400 from TechnoTrend) on Xubuntu 14.04.

Looking at dmesg shows an uncomfortable message:
Code: Select all
$ dmesg | grep si21

si2157 10-0060: unknown chip version Si2143-\xffffffeaD

To be continued...
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Re: Linux & CT2-4400: unknown chip version Si2143-\xffffffea

Postby gilthanaz » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:14 am

AFAIK the CT2-4400 requires at least Kernel 3.15+ and Xubuntu 14.04 comes with 3.13 - probably try with 16.04 or see if you can do a kernel upgrade on 14.04 to get a 3.5+ or 4.x kernel

Ah, here the details:
"Drivers are included in kernel 3.17 (for version 1) and 3.19 (for version 2). They can be built with media_build for older kernels [...]"

Source and more info:
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