Mnemonic poem for Markdown syntax

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Mnemonic poem for Markdown syntax

Postby peter_b » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:35 pm

Here's a nice mnemonic poem by Paul Saletan, to remember basic Markdown syntax:

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Markdown code for the poem above:

###Headlines start with hashes

 -  List items lead with dashes

To use numbering instead

 1. Type a digit and dot ahead


    ...indent code blocks 4 spaces

Bracket [link names](http://my-link-URL-goes-here), avoid braces

Or begin them with a bang

Where an ![image](http://my-image-URL-goes-here) is to hang

Parentheses straddle a [URL](http://my-link-URL-goes-here)

Two stars set off what **you must yell**

> Blockquotes follow a right arrow

Use backticks when `code is narrow`

 -   Insert blanks when in frustration

     And align your indentation.
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