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LIRC, RPi & Stretch: No output with "irw"

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:47 pm
by ^rooker
After somewhat temporarily giving up on LIRC-over-FTDI, I've now attached a TSOP4838 to a Raspberry Pi (Rev 2 Model B) I still had around.
Running on Raspbian Stretch (9.1).
With LIRC being: v0.9.4c-9 (highest available in Raspbian repos. Latest upstream is v0.10.1)

So far so good: :D
  • lirc_rpi module loads and seems happy with input from GPIO #18.
  • mode2 check seems fine.
  • Capturing a remote control without problems.

But testing the entered remote with "irw" just returns: <NOTHING> :evil:

Thanks to LIRC ticket #168 by Bob Ham, I found out that irrecord in that version produces invalid remote control .conf files! :(

It adds a 2nd column of key-codes (hex) that seems to be rubbish.

I've just removed the 2nd column in my irrecord-recorded remote config:
And now it works! :D

Re: LIRC, RPi & Stretch: No output with "irw"

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:07 pm
by ^rooker
This information here is optional, but maybe useful for someone with the same problem to find this solution:

I've noticed that the 2nd column changes for all keys, when a single key is added/changed if updating the file using "irrecord -u".
If found that very irritating (before I found out that I actually had a problem), because:

If this value would matter:
Why is it changed for all entries, although previous keys were not touched?

btw, here's a short example of what the faulty 2nd column may look like:
Code: Select all
KEY_1                    0x4EB3C837 0xBE878B5C
KEY_2                    0x4EB308F7 0xBE878B5C
KEY_3                    0x4EB38877 0xBE878B5C

And here after "irrecord -u" - for a completely different key (e.g. KEY_POWER):
Code: Select all
KEY_1                    0x4EB3C837 0xBED19B7C
KEY_2                    0x4EB308F7 0xBED19B7C
KEY_3                    0x4EB38877 0xBED19B7C