Samba: "mount error(112): Host is down"

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Samba: "mount error(112): Host is down"

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In a new setup, the following error is thrown when trying to mount a Samba (CIFS) share from Windows 10 on Debian 9.6.
mount error(112): Host is down

Well, the host is definitely *up*: responds to pings and everything (from that very Debian machine). So it's gotta be something else.
I suspect SMB protocol changes/updates (as usual).
Thanks to a [blog post by "warlord0" in 2017], I've tried adding "vers=2.0" to my fstab entry:
//win10host/ShareName /mnt/win10host cifs uid=myuser,gid=mygroup,file_mode=0664,dir_mode=0775,nounix,noserverino,credentials=xxx,vers=2.0
That did the trick!
Now it mounts without problems.

Thanks Warlord0 :D

Here are link collections that describe the same issue: ... t-is-down/ ... st-is-down ... t-is-down/ ... ey-are-not
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