Mousepad on Xubuntu 22.04: No markdown syntax highlight

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Mousepad on Xubuntu 22.04: No markdown syntax highlight

Post by ^rooker »

I've filed a bug report on this one, since I find it odd: ... ug/2047968

In 22.04, several things have "regressed" for my flavor of using Xubuntu.

Keyboard shortcuts not working (as expected by me, a long term user):

* `Super + Right, Super + Up`:
Nothing happens. Windows only auto-tile on Left and Down. Great.
Feels like a digital stroke.

* `Super + R`:
Expected: to show the applications ("Start") menu "Application Finder" - and not the pretty "old-school" one-textline "Alt+F2".
They've moved the default shortcut to: Alt+F3.
My fingers ain't too happy about that. It's honestly quite a stretch do bend your fingers to Alt+F3. Try that. It's awkward and error-prone.

I use Super+R *a lot*.
So now on 22.04, you can change the Shortcut (back?) to "xfce-app" - starting the so called "Application Finder" - and not "xfrun4".

I'm confused, why the change.
I should maybe engage in an online discussion, since someone had a reason to do so.
(Or maybe devel-debug-testing leftovers in released code?)

A mystery. ;P
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