Changing batteries. On mobile devices...

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Changing batteries. On mobile devices...

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When trying to open (*) a smartphone or tablet, you literally feel what its vendors think about repairing and maintaining their devices.
Repairing them is frustrating and humiliating and the device left with scratches and a bent mainboard. Feels like violating the device. Feels wrong. Feels like I'm doing a crime.

Even though I'm using the proper repair tools and following the service manual - which, btw I had to obtain from questionable sources.
Getting access to manuals - even the actual user manuals - almost feels like trying to find drugs in a back alley.

I can almost hear the device say:
"Please. Let it be. I know you had good intentions, but this is just not what my maker had planned for me. Let me go. Let me die. And buy my successor, will you? Goodbye."
You may even physically hurt yourself - and the device.

This should NOT feel/be this way.

(*) for something as common and basic as changing the battery :shock:
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